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Managed IT Services:
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As your company grows, you quickly discover the importance of having someone on speed dial to address those annoying hardware and software issues that pop up.

Many small-to-medium businesses don’t need someone on their staff full-time to address IT concerns—perhaps there’s not enough work on a regular basis, or hiring a staff member is cost-prohibitive.

Not only that, but ad-hoc fixes are no longer enough—you want to prevent issues from cropping up over and over. You want to ensure that your data is protected. Meanwhile, your accountant wants to see fewer surprises on your books.

When that’s the case, many smaller companies turn to outsource managed IT services as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to their IT concerns.

What does managed IT services mean?

At Network Computer Pros, when we talk about managed IT services, we mean that each of our clients pays a flat monthly fee for a package of IT services tailored to their needs.

Our packages typically include the following IT services for small businesses:


  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance: Our team works behind the scenes to ensure that your software is updated, your servers are up, and any red flags are immediately addressed.
  • Data backup: We make sure your data is securely backed up in the cloud on a daily basis.
  • Managed anti-virus and anti-malware protection: No more panicking when you receive an alert about the latest cybersecurity threat. Our cloud-based systems are continually updated so that your data is protected.
  • Help desk access: In the event that something does go wrong, send us a ticket or give us a call, and we’ll be on top of the issue.

However, we customize each package based on our clients’ needs, so many clients opt for add-ons such as:


  • Remote setup and monitoring: With unprecedented numbers of Americans working from home and a continuously growing digital economy, companies need to ensure that their teams have the tools they need to get their job done each day.
  • Security assessment and training: Not only can NCP analyze whether your company has been the victim of a data breach, but we’ll prepare your employees for everything from HIPAA compliance to avoiding phishing attacks.
  • Disaster recovery: Backing up your data is just the first step. We’ll help you develop a plan to make sure your business can keep running in the face of unexpected events—from hurricanes to cyberattacks.

So if you’re asking yourself: “what is managed IT services?” The answer is: whatever you need them to be.

With NCP on your team, there is no need to hire an in-house IT staff. Network Computer Pros manages over fifteen workstations for our company and numerous servers and backups. The NCP team provides unparalleled customer service that is second to none.

Alex Akel
President, Akel Homes

We offer managed IT services for small-to-medium businesses anywhere in the U.S.


For 20 years, Network Computer Pros has offered managed IT support & IT consulting services in Florida, with most of our clients based in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade County.

In the beginning, that was out of necessity—setup and maintenance often required us to visit our clients in person.

Times have changed, however, and much of our work can be done remotely, provided that your business has high-speed internet access (and that you’re willing to let us walk you through any physical setup that needs to be done).

So if you’ve been Googling “managed it services near me” and coming up with nothing, or if you’d prefer to work with an experienced team without the risk of having someone present in your office, we’re happy to work with you—wherever in the U.S. you’re located.

How much should managed IT services cost?


As we’ve said above, each managed IT services package we develop is unique, based on the requirements of the business in question. However, one of the reasons that managed IT services are appealing is that they rely on a flat-fee model. Once we’ve determined what services you need, we’ll set a monthly price—and that’s it. No per-hour billing, no unexpected fees. On the other hand, when you rely on companies that offer as-needed IT services for small businesses, you’re subject to unexpected costs, rush fees, and other unpleasant surprises.

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