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Documents are the backbone of a successful legal office. These days, most firms draft and store the majority of their documents electronically.

But those documents need to be securely stored, regularly backed up, and always available—no matter where your attorneys and staff may be that day.

As a managed service provider with 20+ years of experience working with law firms, Network Computer Pros can save you from the frustrations of managing your own IT network. Our service helps you hit your billable targets—and maintain your clients’ trust in you.

Our custom IT solutions for your company will:

Prioritize the security of your documents

Your firm’s reputation is everything—and when clients place their trust in you, they’re also counting on you to maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive information.

But cybercriminals know that law firms always have a cache of valuable data, from confidential corporate memos to tax returns and other personal documents belonging to clients.

And because firms often publish profiles of their attorneys on their websites, hackers have found it especially easy to use social engineering and other methods to access secure files.

Network Computer Pros has a multi-step system for ensuring the security of your data. Not only do we install cloud-based anti-malware programs that are always on the lookout for the latest threat, but we also set up secure, cloud-based backups so that you always have access to your documents.


Minimize downtime so that you can maximize productivity

Every minute counts when you’re focused on billable hours—and server downtime translates to fewer hours billed.

Network Computer Pros works hard to maximize uptime so that your employees can make the most of their time in the office. Not only do we proactively monitor your system for potential issues, but we also schedule updates to run outside of normal business hours, so that everyone can hit the ground running each morning.


Provide round-the-clock access to documents, no matter where you are

Attorneys and other staff need to be able to quickly and securely access all the documents on your server, whether they’re in the office, in court, or at home.

Network Computer Pros will help you develop a cloud-based document management strategy that protects the integrity of your clients’ records while also allowing your team to have access to the files they need.


Let you focus on your clients while we take IT tasks off your plate

As a managed services provider, Network Computer Pros charges a flat monthly fee for network management, so that you can cut down on overhead costs.

We can step in and take care of any IT challenges your firm has, from migrating to a new platform to developing access controls so that staff only have access to the confidential files required to do their work.

“We have had the honor of working with Networking Computer Pros and their genius owner Maurice Israel for years. Their talent is unsurpassed, their responsiveness at all hours is second to none, and the personal touch that they afford you sets them far apart from their competition. The owner, Maurice Israel, provides a remarkably intelligent, thoughtful, economical and efficient approach to solutions, and he treats each of his clients like they are family. I highly recommend their services.”

Scott Mager, Esq. Partner
Mager Paruas, LLC

We know how law firms work.

For over 20 years, Network Computer Pros has been trusted by hundreds of businesses, including many law firms in south Florida.

We know that law firms are focused on getting results for their clients—and that inadequate IT systems can get in the way of that.

At NCP, we believe that every successful law office needs a solid foundation when it comes to technology.

When we take on a new client, our first step is to automate your systems so that updates run while you’re at home, resting up for the next work day. We also make sure that all of your files are regularly backed up in the cloud.

In addition, we set up a systems alert dashboard so that our team is tipped off the second a problem arises. When we receive an alert, we investigate and fix the issue right away, before it can lead to additional problems.

Our team is familiar with the software programs your business runs on, such as Clio, ProLaw, PCLaw, as well as many others. If you’re looking to migrate to a new practice management software, we can step in and act as project managers so that your office staff can focus on their other tasks. And once the software is set up, we’re here to help troubleshoot any issues that arise. 

In addition to our standard services, we’re also here to advise you on risk mitigation and disaster recovery. Wondering if you need cybersecurity insurance? Thinking about updating your employee device policy? We can help you prepare for any eventuality. We also offer risk assessments and training plans to deal with phishing and other social engineering risks.

Meet Our Technology Partners

“Outstanding service! Network Computer Pros are hyper-responsive, they keep our system running like a charm, and I can sleep at night not worrying about our network! These are the guys to call!!”

Christian McCue
The McCue Law Firm

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