Security Assessment
and Training

“Identify and resolve security risks, starting with your team.”

A recent study found that 1 out of every 99 emails contains a phishing attack. That means that in a single workweek, each employee receives between 4 and 5 phishing emails. These emails are carefully designed to trick even the savviest of recipients into believing that they’re legitimate. And a phishing attack is just one of the ways that criminals can try to get access to your data.

If you want to thwart cybercriminals, you need your entire team to be watchful. That means finding out where there are gaps in your security policies and procedures, then addressing them with up-to-the-minute security awareness training.

How NCP’s assessments and training strengthen your defenses

Companies that haven’t evaluated their employees’ security awareness don’t have a clear picture of the risks they’re running. We’ll make sure you’re aware of any potential weaknesses so you can adjust accordingly.

You can’t mitigate a data breach if you don’t know about it.
NCP will run a dark web scan to find out if any of your accounts have been compromised, so that you can respond appropriately.

No two companies have the same training needs.
NCP can develop a custom plan to ensure your employees have all the information they need—without getting overwhelmed.

“Network Computer Pros was the best investment we have made. Your company and employees have taken so much stress off our plate with handling I.T.”

Chad Hicks
Custom Chemical Services

What’s at risk? Nothing less than the stability of your business.

No technology can save you if your employees are uninformed or careless when it comes to security risks.

And a successful phishing attack or other security breaches can cause irreparable harm to your business, including:

  • Reputational damage. You don’t want to be known as “that company” whose lax security procedures helped customer data end up on the dark web. Over one-fifth of customers will never go back to a business after a data breach.
  • Fines and penalties. If you’re required to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA, the organizations behind them may assess fines when you don’t adhere to their guidelines.
  • Legal expenses. Depending on what type of data leaks after a breach, your company could be the target of a lawsuit from one or more affected individuals.
  • Forensic examinations and audits. If your company handles credit card data, you need to adhere to PCI DSS standards. In the wake of a breach, you’ll be required to perform a forensic assessment (which costs upwards of $10,000). And once you’ve mitigated the issues leading to the breach, you may need to be re-audited for compliance at an additional cost.

The NCP security assessment and training methodology

Step One: Dark Web Scans

As part of Network Computer Pros’ commitment to putting security first, we conduct a complimentary security assessment that analyzes your business’s dark web presence.

In other words, we scour the dark web for references to your domain and identify any accounts involved in a breach. Each one of these accounts is a means by which criminals can slip past your security defenses.

Step Two: Risk Assessments

Next, our experts will perform an overall security risk assessment on your company to identify any weaknesses in your IT environment.

This assessment allows our team to enforce proper security defenses based on your unique risks to reduce the likelihood of an attack.

Using the results from your assessments, we’ll work with you to create a training program to help your employees stay informed and vigilant.

Step Three: Security Awareness Training

Cybercriminals increasingly rely on “social engineering” to trick users into thinking that they’re providing their data to a trusted website, like their bank or their internet provider.

For employees to successfully protect against constantly evolving threats, they need accurate, actionable training. Our cyber training options allow you to choose what’s right for your business, both to remediate existing issues and prevent future security breaches.

Our team can also craft a written security policy for your business that explains in plain language what employees should do when faced with challenging security situations.

It’s important to remember that attack strategies change from one month to the next, and cybercriminals learn from past attempts to refine their next effort. To keep employees up to date and bolster your security posture, we provide your team with monthly security newsletters and weekly micro-trainings, followed by a quiz.

Step Four: Simulated Phishing Assessments

Ready to discover how your employees are handling potential risks as they pop up?

Since phishing attacks account for roughly 90% of all data breaches, your cybersecurity awareness shouldn’t end with phishing training. It’s also important to test your employee’s knowledge, and response to malicious phishing attempts to prevent a data breach.

NCP will run an unlimited number of simulated phishing attempts so that you can learn how your employees react to a phishing email. Can they spot the unverified email addresses, spelling errors, or misuses of terminology that are a red flag for phishing scams?

These simulated phishing tests are meant to increase training retention and strengthen your human defense against even the most sophisticated attacks.

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