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The ultimate protection for your company. Every day, businesses across every industry and size experience data breaches.

We keep your company and employees safe.

Unfortunately, most small to mid-sized business owners don’t believe it will happen to them. They think it’s just the “big guys” that get hit by cyberattacks. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Cybercriminals love going after small businesses because they know they are the easiest to attack due to their lower security standards and weak data protection.

Luckily, with NCP’s cybersecurity services, we add layers of security into your systems to fight off the bad guys. We help you defend your business against cyber threats by implementing a strong network infrastructure that will safely store your data, protect your systems, and mitigate your risk of an attack.

Our cybersecurity solutions for your company will:

Ensure your company is nearly hacker-proof

Cybercrime has increased by 600% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. And with attacks becoming more sophisticated, companies are more vulnerable than ever before.

Network Computer Pros helps protect your business from hackers, allowing you to focus on running your business instead of worrying about becoming another statistic.

Network Monitoring

Protect confidential data from cyberattacks

Hackers know that many small to mid-sized businesses have been slow to adopt cybersecurity measures. As a result, ransomware and phishing attacks are on the rise.

These types of cyberattacks can have many consequences. Data breaches caused by ransomware, phishing, and other forms of attack can lead to a variety of costs, such as legal fees, lost work time, regulatory fines, and reputational damage. What’s worse, is in many cases, these attacks can lead to closing down your entire business.

Network Computer Pros helps you defend against threats like these by combining state-of-the-art anti-malware protection, advanced firewall, and 24/7 threat monitoring.

Network Monitoring
Malware affecting business data

Your employees are your greatest weakness

Yes, it’s true. Employees are your greatest weakness when it comes to your cybersecurity. In fact, close to 90% of all data breaches are due to human error.

Hackers don’t need to be highly skilled to get inside your systems or ahold of your data when they know how easy it is to trick employees who don’t know any better.

All they have to do is send out an email with a link or downloadable attachment to the right person, and as soon as that employee clicks the link or downloads the file, the hacker is granted access to the system. To make matters worse, all it takes is one entry point for cybercriminals to take over your entire network.

As your managed services provider, NCP helps educate your employees about cyber threats, and provides your team with cybersecurity best practice training to enforce a culture of cybersecurity that is necessary to protect your business.

Network and data protection

Our Zero Trust Philosophy

Hackers are no longer kids holed up in basements, they’re professionals in high-rise buildings in countries like Russia, with HR departments and CEO’s and Accounting Teams all supporting floors and floors of professional hackers trying to break into businesses like yours.

This is why In addition to focusing on keeping hackers out of your systems, NCP configures your Data Access using the “Zero Trust Philosophy.” Meaning, we assume hackers already have access to your Network!

This is a MUCH more secure approach to handling your Data Security. By default, we trust No person and No Device.

Network and data protection

“Network Computer Pros was the best investment we have made. Your company and employees have taken so much stress off our plate with handling I.T.”

Chad Hicks
Custom Chemical Services

How we help protect your company

Human Security

Continuous phishing, dark web monitoring, & security training to keep your first line of defense strong


Ensure you meet industry compliance requirements with custom training & policies

Risk Assessments

We’ll assess any gaps in your security posture that may be putting your company at risk

Layered Security

Protect your business with our best-in-class layered security strategies

We know cybersecurity. 

Don’t wait until you are hit by an attack to start planning. For over 20 years, Network Computer Pros has been trusted by hundreds of businesses, to bolster their cybersecurity posture using our layered cybersecurity defenses. With NCP’s cyber protection, you not only minimize your vulnerability footprint but also receive peace of mind knowing you have top-notch security implemented for your business.

Our cybersecurity services include:

Advanced Email Security

Secure your company emails from cyber criminals with AI-driven email security

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Highlight security weaknesses within your network to keep up with dynamic threats

Business Continuity Planning

Keep your business running with a custom recovery plan based on your unique operational needs & industry requirements

Threat Monitoring

Constantly monitor your network & resolve threats as they arise with advanced 24/7 threat detection


Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Gauge your staff’s preparedness & skills to defend against complex phishing attacks

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect company accounts from password security risks with a layered security process to grant account access

Password Management

Give your staff a private, encrypted vault to store, manage, & securely share company passwords


Managed Detection & Response

Secure your IT environment with a highly trained IT staff & best-in-class endpoint security tools

Privileged Access Management

Isolate your company’s privileged accounts so only approved users make changes to your network

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Educate, prepare, & prevent your employees from falling victim to unavoidable cyber threats

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Identify, monitor, manage, & remediate attacks using advanced threat detection & response techniques

Security Information & Event Management

Collect, log files, security alerts, & events all in one place for superior threat analysis

“Outstanding service! Network Computer Pros are hyper-responsive, they keep our system running like a charm, and I can sleep at night not worrying about our network! These are the guys to call!!”

Christian McCue,
The McCue Law Firm

Meet Our Technology Partners

“We worked with several other IT companies prior to working with these guys and we’ll never go back to anyone else. They work fast, what they fix stays fixed, they constantly monitor our system to make sure it’s working at optimal performance, and no matter what time of day or night, they fix what’s broken.”

Virginia Saluja,
TLE Equipment Finance

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Keep your business running & protected from external threats

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Recover & protect critical data from unexpected tragedies

Remote Employee Configuration and Monitoring

Secure your remote employee’s network access

Managed Antivirus and Malware Protection

Protect your business from sophisticated cyber attacks

Security Assessment and Training

Analyze your security posture & train employees to defend against the latest threats

Help Desk Access

Solve all your technical issues with a friendly & reliable helpdesk

Remote Setup and Monitoring

Protect remote workers with proper employee configuration

Network Management

Boost your productivity with efficient network management

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Avoid downtime and fix issues as they arise

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keep your business up & running throughout unforeseen events

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