Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

Stay a step ahead of potential problems.

While you’re working, so are we: our systems scan your computer for viruses, necessary updates, hardware issues, and more. If an alert pops up on our dashboard, our technicians will address the issue right away, before it affects your workflow. And when you’re out of the office? We’re working then, too. Our systems handle maintenance tasks overnight so that when you sit down in the morning with your first cup of coffee, your computer is as ready as you are.

How our Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance tools help your business:

Our proactive monitoring allows us to resolve issues before they interrupt your work.

  • Nighttime updates mean that your system is ready to go whenever your workday starts.
  • We provide expert advice on the right software and hardware for your business, so that you don’t overspend on technology that isn’t right for you.

“We used many computer companies before we found Network Computer Pros. Thank god we found them! They are truly the best, very professional and always there when we need them. They upgraded our network and saved us lots of time and money in doing so. Since we switched over to NPC our computers are almost never down. I can’t speak highly enough. They are truly the best out there.”

Nancy Abecassis

Stop treating the symptoms instead of the cause.

You’ve likely experienced the frustration of sitting down at your desk, only to have your day disrupted by any number of nagging issues:

  • Your computer’s operating system has 30 minutes of updates to install before you can begin work
  • Critical files have gone missing and need to be hunted down
  • The printer won’t work (again)
  • Malware needs to be removed—or a lot of virus alerts that you’re unsure of how to handle
  • The only piece of software you really need keeps crashing, and you spend an hour trying to troubleshoot the issue

Routine IT issues can be costly in terms of lost productivity, not to mention the expenses that pile up if a problem isn’t caught early on. Too often, businesses attempt to save money by only soliciting IT help when an issue pops up. But emergency repairs often carry a high price tag. And when you’re frantically searching for an IT provider to fix an issue today, it’s difficult to vet IT providers to ensure you’re working with the best.

The NCP approach to proactive monitoring and maintenance

We configure a systems alert dashboard for each of our clients where we receive alerts about emerging issues, from faltering hard drives to potential viruses. As soon as we see a problem arise, we leap into action to fix it.

We also automate tasks that help computers and networks run smoothly to run outside the business day. No more spending work hours updating your PC, defragmenting your hard drive, or deleting temporary files to clear space.

Lastly, we offer personalized recommendations when you’re planning to purchase hardware or software. We have partnerships with industry names such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Watchguard, Bitdefender, and more.

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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

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