Is working with a Microsoft Certified Professional an advantage?

When you’re looking for an IT support partner to handle your company’s network and IT infrastructure, there’s no doubt that you have many companies to choose from in South Florida. But not every choice is a high-quality firm with the experience to protect you and your team’s critical equipment and data from the unthinkable.

At Network Computer Pros, we’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from competitors in the South Florida market. One way that we’ve attempted to do so is by hiring and cultivating Microsoft Certified technicians.

What does it mean to be Certified by Microsoft?

Microsoft has a robust certification program that allows individuals and organizations to stay updated on its latest training offerings. With courses dedicated to a wide array of Microsoft products and solutions, certification shows that a company or individual has put in the necessary effort to become well versed in a particular technology.

Network Computer Pros has several team members who have achieved the designation of Microsoft Certified Professional. This certification validates our employees’ expertise through a range of industry exams that cover many different Microsoft products and technologies.

Why hire a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals?

There are many reasons you should look for a Microsoft Certified Professional when hiring an IT firm. A few of these include:

Proven industry-specific experience

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional requires individuals to complete courses that cover a large segment of Microsoft technologies and products. This level of expertise gives these technicians a leg up when dealing with IT issues, validating that an individual or a company has the necessary experience to solve them.

Unprecedented access to Microsoft technical support

As a Microsoft Certified Professional, Network Computer Pros can access specialized Microsoft technical support to get faster answers as issues arise. Microsoft offers 24/7 technical support to Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Improved productivity

According to Microsoft, certified employees are as much as 17% more productive across various core IT activities. This increased productivity translates to more efficiency for the client. Because Microsoft Certified Professionals are constantly exposed to new technologies, they’ll often be able to make certain suggestions that can translate into big savings before the larger, mainstream IT community even recognizes them.

Ready to work with a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals?

At Network Computer Pros, our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals is ready to assist you with all your IT support needs. As a managed services provider in South Florida, we have the experience to ensure that your IT needs are always being met. With our flat-rate IT services, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be investing the same amount each month while still receiving top-tier support. Please contact us today at 954-880-0388 or through our online contact form to learn more about our services.