Use our IT checklist to ensure you’re properly protected against cyber threats that affect businesses of all sizes

Most business owners have a to-do list that’s a mile long. Some of the items that are often overlooked are the maintenance and security of your IT infrastructure. But as companies grow, it becomes even more important to ensure your IT “house” is in order.

With hackers starting to really target small- to medium-sized businesses, organizations should take concrete steps to safeguard themselves as well as any customer data from cyber criminals. We’ve put together a short checklist that should help you on your quest to ensure you and your team are doing everything you can to protect your company from cyber threats.

Complete this IT checklist to protect your business and your customers

1.  Ensure all computers and devices have adequate antivirus protection

Step one in protecting critical data is to ensure that all of your corporate computers have updated antivirus software installed. With organizations allowing remote work on a more regular basis, it’s important that your employees understand the implications of working from computers that may not have adequate security measures in place.

 2. Install firewalls to protect your organization from outside attacks

Another security tool that some organizations overlook is a robust firewall. Many companies rely on the built-in firewalls provided with Microsoft Windows, but the reality is that these software firewalls often aren’t sufficient to protect your network from would be cyber attackers. At Network Computer Pros, we recommend a hardware firewall that helps to lock down malicious traffic that may be trying to gain access to your corporate network.

3. Consistently back up critical data

Once you’re properly protecting your computers with adequate antivirus software and guarding your corporate network with a robust firewall, it’s time to turn your attention to proper back up and data recovery procedures. With the many options available to back up your data to the cloud, there should be no excuse for not properly protecting your data. At Network Computer Pros, we can help you identify what data needs to be protected, and how best to secure it based on your business needs.

4. Ensure operating system patches and software updates are completed regularly

It’s common to get those annoying Windows popup messages that tell you it’s time to run some type of software update or patch. Many times, we disregard those popups because we don’t have the time to run them. The reality is that these updates are often mission critical, as they often address some type of vulnerability that was found by Microsoft or another software provider. These updates shouldn’t be looked at as a hassle, but rather a preventative measure to protect your company’s data from viruses, malware, and other online threats.

How did you score on our IT security checklist?

If you’re unsure whether your organization is doing all it can to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to IT security, it may be time to contact Network Computer Pros. We can provide a free consultation during which we can analyze your existing IT security policies to determine areas that can be improved. Beyond that, we complete these steps for you as a turnkey solution. To learn more about our cost-effective managed IT services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 954-880-0388 or through our online contact form.