How Network Computer Pros Helps You Stay HIPAA Compliant

Healthcare Providers Relying On Internal IT Infrastructure To Maintain Patient Information Must Comply With HIPAA Rules.

These rules require the implementation of physical and technological safeguards to protect the stored health information’s security. Network Computer Pros plays an important role in achieving HIPAA compliance and maintaining your IT infrastructure’s integrity.

Figuring out how to comply doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. We’re already familiar with the standards, and our complete managed services model enables us to quickly identify any areas of your IT network that are not yet up to standard.

Network Audit

First, our experts start by conducting a non-intrusive network audit to assess your level of current compliance. The results of this network audit help to establish a baseline for technology improvements.

  1. Our network audit focuses on the following 7 key areas:
  2. Best Practices, Network Health Monitoring, Roles and Permissions Management.
  3. 24×7 Monitoring, Patch Management.
  4. SNMP-based Monitoring, Event Logging, Asset Discovery.
  5. “Disaster Management”.
  6. Readiness Planning via Reports, Performance Monitors, Backup Management, Collaborative Services.
  7. Continuous Monitoring, Remote Management, Deep Monitoring of Critical Servers.
  8. ISO17799-Compliant Solution, Password Controls, Auditing, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessment.
  9. Firewall Management, MBSA Integration.
  10. “Network Health Visibility”.

Real-time 24/7 Threat Detection and Remediation Services 

After making necessary enhancements to your overall network infrastructure (based on audit results), we set you up with our real-time 24/7 threat detection and remediation services. These services allow us to identify every security event with our cloud-based, 24/7 cyber-threat detection engine, which is then viewed and evaluated by a trained cyber-security expert. In essence, our systems continuously monitor your cyber environment to identify and quickly address any known threats, so while you sleep, we keep a watchful eye on the following:

• Analysis of logs for incidents, including log-in/log-out
• Analysis of user behavior and activity on sensitive systems
• Detection of cyber-threats (internal or external)
• Human-inclusive remediation
• Retention of logs for forensics, legal, and compliance requirements.

Business Continuity

Even with the best layered security services, healthcare businesses still have the potential to experience an unexpected disaster. This is why we make sure our clients are prepared no matter what. Our business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution helps you meet compliance and protects your data on-premises and in the cloud. So in the event of a catastrophe, you can recover your business data quickly with little to no downtime.

We Protect Your Data And Ensure Your Business Has A Successful Compliance Audit

 At Network Computer Pros, we have a unique understanding of the importance of compliance but also the difficulty of remaining compliant. This difficulty can easily become overwhelming for small to medium businesses. That is why our fully managed IT solutions not only include a world-class security service but also provide assistance in adhering to compliance regulations and remaining compliant. This gives you time to focus on what really matters, while our team of experts handles the rest.

Need Help Protecting Your Data?

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