Separate Internal and Guest Networks are Vital for Keeping Your Company’s IT Infrastructure Secure

Don’t Make the Mistake of Overlooking Your Guest’s Wireless Network Security when Setting Up Wireless Access.

If your organization has a waiting area or has a lot of foot traffic, the chances are high that you’ve been asked for your wireless password so your customers can browse Facebook or get some work done while they wait.

We hope that if you do have customers that need Internet access, that you’ve set up a guest network to prevent yourself from falling victim to cyber-attacks.


Why Do I Need a Guest Network?

Below are just a few of the reasons why one network is a bad idea when it comes to protecting your company’s sensitive data.

Increased Network Security

A guest network vastly increases security. You’re essentially segregating your Internet access so that all of your company’s data files, computers, servers, and other devices are completely isolated from anyone that’s accessing your guest network.

One of the common ways malware and other viruses can infiltrate a network is by using laptops or mobile devices to attack machines located on the network. With a guest option, infiltrating a separate, internal network would be incredibly difficult.

An additional security benefit of having a guest network is creating a separate wireless security key. Employees and guests have distinct passwords and access.

Control Network Usage

One worrisome issue related to wireless Internet usage is when someone comes to your place of business and uses your wireless network to stream videos or download large files, which can quickly slow down the Internet connection for your employees.

A guest network allows you to control users’ access speed and the percentage of your overall bandwidth consumed via guests. This ensures that if one of the networks slows down due to overuse, it’s the guest network and not your internal setup.

Ability to Control Content Filtering

When it comes to setting up a guest network, it’s important to understand who will actually be accessing it. It’s typically a good idea to add content controls to decide what can and cannot be accessed on your wireless network. All adult sites should be blocked as well as any other content that could be deemed questionable.

Also, you should utilize a web filter that prevents users from accidentally downloading malware and ransomware. These filters can often be configured remotely and typically live in the cloud, so they’re constantly updated with the latest software upgrades.

Convenience for You and Your Customers

Customers want to stay connected to the Internet at all times. A guest network allows you to offer internet access to your guests but still retain control to prevent security vulnerabilities. While a guest network may be more work to set up on the front end, it adds convenience and could avoid significant security headaches down the road.

Do You Have a Guest Wireless Network at Your Place of Business?

If you’re currently sharing your internal wireless network credentials with guests, you should stop immediately. The potential security breaches that can occur are significant.

If you’re having trouble setting up a secure guest network.

We’ll be happy to perform a security assessment to spot any vulnerabilities related to your wireless network security.

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