Network Computer Pros Wins Four Industry Awards

The foundation of a successful law practice is its documentation. The majority of businesses now create and save their papers online. But regardless of where your attorneys and staff may be that day, those documents need to be safely kept, regularly backed up, and always accessible.

Network Computer Pros, a law firm IT support, has been recognized for aiding South Florida lawyers in managing their technology and protecting valuable data necessary for company growth and enhanced productivity.

We are delighted to share that Network Computer Pros has won four industry awards in Daily Business Review’s 2022 Best of Awards.

Network Computer Pros proudly holds 1st place in the following categories:

  • Best cloud provider
  • Best IT consultant services
  • Best software consultant
  • Best local data security services

Daily Business Review is a South Florida-based media and telecommunications organization for legal firms, real estate agents, and financial institutions. Every year The DBR readers vote on their pick of the “best” firm across numerous categories, from banking services to real estate agents, technological enterprises, etc. This Best of Awards’ primary purpose is to provide its audience and the community access to the top South Florida goods and services to enhance their businesses.


Network Computer Pros offers Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity solutions to customers in Miami to as far away as West Palm Beach. Law firms are one of NCP’s principal customers. Network Computer Pros specializes in offering law firms IT support and business solutions tailored to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and safeguard sensitive data.

What distinguishes Network Computer Pros? 

We are intelligent, hyper-responsive, and efficient law firm IT support. That’s how our clients characterize us. Here’s why working with us will make you feel the same way.

We always go ahead a few paces

We place a high value on being proactive, whether that means looking into the alerts we get, updating your system throughout the night, or assisting you in creating a business continuity plan in an emergency. 

Things we mend remain fixed:

That is not an unsupported assertion; rather, it is what our clients have repeatedly informed us.  

We're accessible every time

We keep an eye on our ticket queue so that we are aware of the problems you report, and we’ll be available if an urgent issue comes up after business hours.  

IT solutions for businesses

Network Computer Pros assists small-to-medium-sized businesses in South Florida with IT infrastructure development, data security, and uptime optimization.  

Our clientele includes law firms, dental offices, clinics, architectural, engineering, construction, small businesses, non-profits, and businesses engaged in manufacturing and wholesale.  

We bill a set monthly rate

There will be no more nasty bill shocks. Our solutions include round-the-clock monitoring, proactive maintenance, and quick fixes for unforeseen problems all for a flat monthly fee.  

Network Computer Pros can relieve you of the hassles associated with managing your own IT network as a managed service provider with more than 20 years of experience. Our South Florida Managed IT Services enable you to meet your business goals while preserving the confidentiality of your clientele.  

Discover our services and how they can positively impact your law firm

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