Create a Passwordless Experience for Your Business with LastPass, a Password Management Solution

Have you ever stopped to think about how many online accounts you currently manage for both work and your personal life? Probably a lot!

As our digital presence grows, so does the number of usernames and passwords that we’re forced to keep track of and remember. Instead of going through the hassle of memorizing complex passwords or storing them in a booklet or excel spreadsheet, individuals and businesses have turned to LastPass, a password management solution designed to make our digital lives more manageable. So, what exactly is a password manager, and how do you know if LastPass is right for your business? Below, we will discuss the unique benefits of LastPass and why you should consider using it within your organization.


What Is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a program that controls all your account credentials in one safe and secure place with one master password. Password management systems can be used on everything from apps to web logins.

It’s Simple and Effortless

Working with LastPass grants you and your employees’ password simplicity paired with a safe way to log in to all your accounts efficiently. LastPass runs in the background of your online activities as an extension on your web browser. So, with its nearly hidden status, as you work, you’ll likely forget it’s even there (until you navigate to a login screen).

When you land on a login page, LastPass is automatically notified and fills in your account information after entering your master password. This means that with LastPass, you’ll only be responsible for remembering ONE password to access all your accounts. How great is that! For your new accounts, you’ll be asked if you would like to save your account information and add it to your password vault, where all your passwords are safely stored and encrypted.

Password Managers Help Protect Your Business

The dramatic rise of cybercrime has kept business executives on their toes regarding their security practices. Especially with most of them aware that all it takes is one breached account to compromise an entire company. However, relying on employees to create complex, unique, and frequently updated passwords is only so reliable and effective. Especially when employees are known to engage in lousy password behavior. It’s common for employees to reuse their passwords, rely on web browser autofill, and create passwords with personal information easily accessible on the web, all significant password missteps.

Even though most employees are aware of the security risk involved with this type of password behavior, their password habits remain unchanged. The primary reason for repeating this bad password behavior is fear of forgetfulness. Most people who reuse their passwords and such do so because they are simply afraid of forgetting their password and going through the hassle of a password reset. Business owners have turned to LastPass for a quick and easy solution to manage password security.

With the LastPass password manager, you don’t have to worry about creating unique and complex passwords for each of your accounts. Instead, LastPass does all the hard work for you. Their password management system generates new hacker-proof passwords for you by combining random letters, numbers, and special characters in an unpredictable sequence. Don’t worry if you think an old password is weak. The system will also inform you if one of your passwords needs to be updated. For an additional layer of security, LastPass uses an encryption algorithm for all your stored passwords, so even if a hacker gains access to your password, they won’t be able to read it.

Remote Work Isn’t Going Away

We all know the COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented change in how we work and interact with one another. However, some of these changes, such as the transition to remote work, are here to stay. Working remotely has allowed many businesses to improve productivity amongst other benefits but has also left companies with a huge security hole, causing a dramatic spike in cybercrime. Hackers know remote workers have weaker security practices and with their attacks more sophisticated than ever, improving your company’s remote security is essential.

With LastPass management solutions, you can maintain your businesses’ security by giving your remote employees access to exactly what they need in one safe place. You even get the flexibility of revoking employee access if necessary. To ensure your remote workers have extra protection from cybercrime, LastPass has the option to seamlessly include Multifactor Authentication (MFA) in their management system as well. This means, before granting access to an account, you will need to approve access using another device, such as a cell phone. LastPass also allows you to share passwords with one another easily. So, regardless of whether your team members are home or in the office, you will have a secure password sharing feature.

Getting Started with LastPass

Employees are your company’s greatest asset and your greatest risk when it comes to your security. Since weak passwords often stand in the way of having a secure business, LastPass provides your company with the perfect solution. By switching to our trusted password manager LastPass, you will be able to bolster your company’s security and deliver a nearly passwordless experience that your team will love.

Not sure where to start or how to get your business signed up with LastPass? Our team of experts is here to help you secure your business and give you the simplicity you deserve regarding your technology and password management.

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