Improve Your Productivity with A Dual Screen

Have you ever thought about how many tabs and programs you constantly switch between to complete your daily work tasks? If you’re like most individuals, it’s probably a lot. Most business professionals have 10-20 tabs open at a time and navigate between 5 or more programs throughout the day. However, switching back and forth between browser tabs and applications takes up time and lowers your productivity. 

According to a study by Mavenlink, 73% of surveyed companies reported spending over an hour per day on average just switching between various applications. 

Dual-screen Productivity Research 

If you’ve seen individuals with two monitors, you might have thought to yourself that they likely need two screens to do specialized work on them, or maybe they are just incredibly tech-savvy. But the truth is, having an additional screen can benefit anyone regardless of one’s profession. 

According to Jon Peddie, the benefit of utilizing two screens is that it improves productivity for employees by an average of 42%! So how exactly does it boost productivity? Well, not surprisingly, the more people can see on their computers, the more they can do.

You Can Do More In Less Time 

One of the biggest benefits of having a second monitor is that you can do much more in less time. Having two screens eliminates the hassle of struggling to get to different windows and programs when you need them. 

With a dual screen, you can keep programs open on one screen while you work on other programs on the second screen. Dual monitors allow you to work more fluidly, getting you to all your apps when needed. 

Expands Screen-Space For Laptops  

Laptops are great for convenience and portability, especially when traveling between home and work. Although, the more portable the laptop, the smaller the screen space will be. 

A significant drawback of using a laptop is its smaller monitor. Then there are also positioning difficulties, such as propping them up when on a desk but still staring down at the screen. 

Connecting your laptop to a monitor will allow you to significantly improve your user experience, making it work just like a regular desktop PC. You’ll have the option to either mirror your screen or use the laptop’s screen for certain activities while using the larger monitor for others.  

Easier Side-by-Side Comparisons 

Many daily tasks require viewing data in two different windows. You might have to edit and compare a finished design with the original instructions. Or you may have notes open that need to be included in a PowerPoint presentation you are working on. 

Setting up two windows on one screen side-by-side can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. You’ll have to resize the windows, and then you risk losing your configuration when maximizing the screen to scroll or clicking a menu item. 

Having two monitors lets you have the screen real estate you need to fully open both windows and have them side-by-side, enabling you to work more efficiently.

Additional Freedom For Video Calls  

Have you ever engaged in a Zoom or video call while screen sharing and suddenly needed to check an email, review notes, or open another website? It’s challenging to do so when everyone on the video call can see your screen. Before a meeting, we might turn off our alerts for our emails and other programs to ensure nothing confidential or distracting pops up. However, having a dual screen allows you to choose which screen you want to share during the video meeting. So, you can have your apps open on the screen that’s not being shared with anyone without worrying. This is a significant advantage if you need to check an email or send a quick message to someone during your time screen sharing. 

Cost-effective Productivity Booster   

Purchasing another monitor is a reasonably low investment when considering how much it typically is to acquire new technology. You can generally purchase a monitor for between $125 to $250. Then, since the average productivity boost of dual screens is 42%, that’s also a pretty sweet return on investment. 

Another benefit to adding a 2nd screen is there’s no big learning curve that will need to happen for this upgrade. Simply plug it in, and then the PC will automatically be set to see the additional screen, and voilà, it’s good to go! Users can then simply drag apps and documents from one screen to another as if they had one giant screen. 

Need Help Improving Your Company’s Productivity?  
There are several productivity boosts that you can get using the right technology tools. Give our experts a call today, and we’ll help enhance your productivity at an affordable cost.  

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