Moving to the cloud shouldn’t be intimidating if you’re partnered with the right MSP

There’s little denying the benefits of moving to the cloud, but the effort required to do it can be intimidating for many companies. This is why it’s often beneficial to have a partner throughout the process; one that can help you avoid some of the common roadblocks that turn a simple migration into a frustrating task.

Seasoned IT managed services providers have experience with numerous cloud migrations and the expertise to anticipate and respond to any problems that arise along the way.

Key ways a Managed Services Provider can help your company migrate to the cloud

Compliance experience

Depending on your industry, you may have a variety of data security compliance requirements that must be met when moving to the cloud. Your MSP should have the necessary industry experience to ensure you’re not opening yourself up to liability by not properly securing data.

Traditional IT experience

Cloud migrations can take time, so it’s important to work with an MSP that has the experience to offer ample support before, during, and after the initial cloud migration. This should include helpdesk support as well as a service level agreement that stipulates the level of support that will be provided throughout (and after) the migration process.

Cloud experience

With the massive growth of the cloud industry, IT companies of all varieties are quick to tout their cloud expertise. However, it’s important to realize that not all of these companies are equal in terms of their actual experience migrating clients. Some may have been providing basic IT management services for many years, and have only recently designated themselves as cloud experts. In addition, some companies may be well versed in one particular cloud vendor, but clueless with others. When deciding on an MSP, choose a partner that has broad experience and exposure to multiple vendors, so that they can make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Industry experience

While this isn’t always possible, it can be beneficial to find an MSP that has experience with clients in your industry. It’s not necessary, of course, but it may help identify unique issues (such as compliance or data access requirements) that may influence a successful migration.

While a move to the cloud may be inevitable, how you get there is not

Cloud adoption is growing at an incredible rate, and there’s little doubt that moving to the cloud is a smart move for many businesses. The key, however, is to do it right and make the move on your terms.

Partnering with Network Computer Pros can make this a smooth, virtually turn-key process. We’ll work with you to determine your specific cloud needs and get you there efficiently and securely. For more information on our cloud migration services, reach out to our team today at 954-880-0388 or through our online contact form.