How a Full-Service I.T. Provider Saves You Money

When you need a bit of everything, it doesn’t make sense to pay a la carte.


Have you ever gone to a high-end steakhouse? Not the sort-of-expensive places, but the real deal. There’s no arguing that you’ll get the best piece of steak you’ve ever eaten, but all the things that usually come with your meal—salads, sides, drinks—are high-cost add-ons.

And that’s how many IT companies work.

There’s been a shift in the industry, and businesses only want to pay for those services they use. And that’s great if you’re a larger company that handles most of your IT needs in-house.

But what about small- and medium-sized businesses that do need all-inclusive IT support?


While they need to know their network and infrastructure are maintained and secure and have a team who can handle emergencies, they can’t afford an a la carte service provider’s unpredictability.

All-inclusive managed IT services are more like a utility than a menu

While many IT companies give you a “menu” of services they provide and let you pick and choose the ones you want to pay for, a full-service provider offers everything you need to maintain your IT infrastructure and charges a single monthly fee for all of the services you need.

Instead of a bill with a host of additional charges you had not expected, you’ll get a single, predictable charge, which can save you thousands of dollars each month. Managed IT services mean that IT is no longer an unpredictable expense, but another flat-rate fee you can plan and budget for, just like a utility.

The benefit here is that your managed IT service provider is invested in your network’s ongoing health. They’ll proactively give you top-tier service because they can’t charge you for anything additional. So they don’t want things to break or “go down” because that’s not where their money is made.

How managed IT service providers handle the unexpected 

The fact remains that unexpected issues can arise. And while this happens rarely (because your managed IT service provider is invested in identifying and addressing concerns before they become full-blown issues), they will still be there, on-site, to fix the problem. If a mission-critical issue does arise, your managed IT service provider will eat this service’s cost and likely accrue a loss.

It’s part of their business model, and why a full-service managed IT provider is such a wise choice: They’re counting on the fact that their team of IT professionals will detect and address any problems in your network long before they become a serious problem. Their profit margins depend upon it.

Full-Service I.T. Provider for small to medium-sized businesses  

Partnering with a managed IT service provider often is the only way a small- or medium-sized business can put the technical infrastructure they need to grow and scale in place in an effective and meaningful way. The capital expenses involved in IT set up, and maintenance is converted to operational expenses, saving money, and creating a predictable expense.

Your managed IT service provider provides all of the network monitoring tools you need to keep you up and running securely while you’re in growth and innovation mode. These cloud-based solutions often replace the hardware you would otherwise need to purchase, which means your biggest IT expenditure winds up being the monthly fee you pay to retain your managed IT, service provider.

It’s like having your steak and not paying for the dinner rolls, either.

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