Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered here, to learn more, please reach out to us. Choosing the right I.T. provider for your business is important and should be done with all the information.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services allow businesses to have certified IT professionals manage their entire network infrastructure without hiring, staff, and pay for an IT administrator or IT department.

The daily IT management responsibilities are handled by a Managed IT Services team, like Network Computer Pros, which ensures a company’s network systems are secure, backed up, continuously running, and kept up-to-date for an uninterrupted network system that can be accessed wherever and whenever needed.

How will my company benefit from Managed IT Services?

The biggest benefit for most companies is the savings they will earn from lower overhead costs.

Managed IT Services save companies thousands of dollars in their IT network administration. By charging a flat monthly fee for a set of outlined performance and quality metrics, Managed IT Services ensure computer infrastructures and network services are secure and operational at all times.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), what will Network Computer Pros do for my company?

Network Computer Pros provides business IT network management of all computers, servers, network hardware, and software for companies located in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), our primary role and responsibility are to ensure your IT infrastructure’s safety, security, and proactive maintenance. We are a true IT partner. Our professional team acts as an extension of your company’s IT department or as the sole provider of its computer network management systems.

Our technicians will take on the responsibility of maintaining the highest levels of availability for your network systems. Our job is to understand your company and its unique circumstances and help you meet or exceed your end-goal with full-service IT support and maintenance.

What happens if there is an IT issue? Will my company be charged extra to fix it?

A major IT issue rarely happens, but Network Computer Pros will fix the issue at no extra labor charge if it does.

While major IT issues rarely happen, our performance guarantee states that we will not charge you to fix the issue if there is a significant IT problem. In fact, we will accrue a loss.

Our proactive approach keeps most of the systems we monitor from ever having a serious issue developing. By consistently monitoring your company’s systems, our technicians usually will notice variations as they start to occur, which may indicate a developing issue. If a technician is unable to solve a noticeable deviation remotely, an in-person service call will be dispatched to avert a major event from occurring and impeding the daily operations of your business.

At Network Computer Pros, our goal is to consistently do what we need to to help keep systems performing well for our clients in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, or Palm Beach County. Whether that be routine maintenance and patches or system updates and checks, all of these things and more will be done routinely to keep your computer systems working at peak performance.

We have a full-time IT administrator; can we switch to Managed IT Services?

Yes, you can. Network Computer Pros not only provides the same services as a full-time IT administrator but we also offer companies significant cost savings.

Leveraging the latest technology, our professional IT experts provide companies with a larger return on their IT investment since we come with all our own network monitoring tools. This means less overhead and more savings with thousands of dollars placed back in our clients’ pockets every year. Companies working with us never have to worry about hardware or any of the headaches associated with maintaining their own computer systems.

How are the Managed IT Services with Network Computer Pros different than other MSPs?

The main difference is we help our clients save money.

At Network Computer Pros, we believe in keeping our clients and their employees productive. If a client’s computer systems are not running as efficiently or effectively as they can, we know production suffers. This is why we search for the areas within their IT infrastructure that will help improve their business productivity. By helping our clients focus their IT spending in these areas, timely strategic initiatives can be met. And if our clients meet their goals, our goals will be met also.

Another difference experienced with Network Computer Pros is that we believe in fixing it right the first time. From our management team all the way down to our technicians, our aim is to do the best job we can to prevent any issue from ever happening again. This saves time, which saves money and we know that time is valuable. In order to keep our clients profitable and their companies growing, they need to be able to focus on their businesses. Network Computer Pros provides them with that freedom so they can do what they need to do in order to bring value to their companies.

How do you help Nonprofits?

We offer cost-effective IT support for Nonprofits in the Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County areas at a flat rate per month, helping to keep their budgets from any surprise expenses.

Additionally, we assist in locating low-cost and no-cost software from available resources like Microsoft, Tech Soup, and others so that their operations can continue to be supported and benefit from the latest technology.

How much extra will I be charged if an extensive number of hours is required during a particular month?

There are no extra charges.

The amount you pay every month remains the same as long as the number of computer systems we are managing is the same. Monthly charges are based on the quantity of IT systems Network Computer Pros manages for you, regardless of the number of hours spent to keep your systems in top working order.

How many hours of support do you provide every month?

Support hours are unlimited.

We work to provide our customers with the best IT service possible. It is not measured by hours but by service.

What areas do you service?

Network Computer Pros services the Tri-County area including Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County.

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Unlimited support must mean Managed IT Services is expensive?

Not really. When compared to break-fix IT support service calls, Managed IT Services costs less over time.

You never know how much you will have to pay if your system goes down and emergency IT support assistance is called in. Desperate times call for desperate measures and typically an excessively high IT service bill. When traditional IT support service calls are needed, companies are forced to pay whatever is quoted to get their systems back in business fast.

With Managed IT Services, companies benefit from consistent costs, which makes budgeting easy. Plus, with Managed Services, the company will experience seemingly error-free IT systems since issues are dealt with before a major problem develops. This keeps your business running uninterrupted so you can get what you need to be done when you need it done continuously.

So, how do you determine how much to charge when you are offering unlimited support? It doesn’t make sense.

It’s all about statistics.

Statistically, there is a predictable range of network health that can be estimated when determining how much time, hardware, and personnel will be required to keep a particular system in proper working order.

Different networks require different types of maintenance. It’s our business to know what you are most likely going to need to maintain the best in-network health over time. That’s how we determine what’s reasonable to charge for monthly IT support once a system is stabilized.

Do you come onsite or only remote?

We do both.

When we initially begin working with a client, our technicians will visit the company and put in place management tools that will assist us in monitoring the IT infrastructure remotely. In our experience, most issues can be solved remotely. However, we still visit the main office of each company we manage once per month for a checkup. We also go onsite for any issue we cannot solve remotely or just to set up a new computer, all at no additional charge.

Do you only do big companies?

No, we do companies as small as five computers. We can also provide support to companies with over one hundred desktops. We also have special plans for solopreneurs. 

Why should I choose Network Computer Pros?

There are several reasons why businesses in the Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County area choose Network Computer Pros for their Managed IT Services. Our experience, reputation, knowledge, quick resolutions, and client services are often cited as some of our best features. A few other considerations:

  • Lower Costs: Managed IT Services with Network Computer Pros costs less than having a full-time IT administrator on staff.
  • Cost Control: With Managed IT Services, you will have a set budget for your IT expenses which will eliminate unexpected computer expenses.
  • Performance Reliability: As a Managed IT Service, Network Computer Pros partners with you to guarantee performance or else you do not pay. We all benefit when your systems are up and running.
  • Less IT Headaches: No need to concern yourself with the IT side of your business since it is managed by certified experts at Network Computer Pros. This saves you from the stress of trying to figure out what is wrong with your IT system along with the loss of money and time that goes hand-in-hand with downed computer systems.
  • Better Business: Less time spent on IT means you’ve got more time to spend on your business so you can meet your deadlines, increase your profits, and exceed your goals.
  • Business Continuity: Network Computer Pros ensures you never lose your data. Automated systems are in place to provide systematic back-ups of all the company’s media and tapes for ensured business continuity.
  • Efficiency of Scale: The cost advantages with a Managed Service Provider are immense when compared to an on-staff IT administrator. The experience and knowledge gained from the vast number of different networks supported by Network Computer Pros is an assurance that solutions will easily be found for you.
  • Increased Security: There is less concern about security breaches when a Managed Service Provider is protecting your systems. The most secure firewalls, virus suites, malware software, and employee usage monitoring programs will be used as requested to proactively manage and maintain business-critical components.

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