6 Signs it’s Time to Fire Your I.T. Provider

Find a Managed I.T. Services Provider who delivers quick, thorough, and full services.

Are you less than completely satisfied with your current I.T. provider? You hired them to help you navigate the complex process of leveraging and maintaining technology within your business. This tech is essential to your daily operation and ultimate growth, but it can become a hindrance if managed improperly.

Below are a few signs that it may be time to look elsewhere for a qualified I.T. provider that will enable your company’s success – rather than one that becomes a bottleneck

Slow Response Times 

There is no excuse for slow response times in the managed I.T. services industry. You must be able to contact your I.T. provider at any time when a problem arises, and equally crucial that they show the proper urgency in dealing with your issues. Slow response times can translate into downtime and ultimately reduced profits – both of which are unacceptable if you’re paying a monthly fee for an experienced I.T. provider.

Recurring Issues

Do you have to continually call or email your I.T. provider about the same set of issues, only to find that they are never actually resolved? The communication line between your company and your I.T. provider should always be open, and problems should be solved as quickly as possible – plus tracked in detail. In turn, this data can be used to reduce future issues proactively. I.T. companies that lack detailed systems and processes frustrate clients looking for I.T. support that efficiently gets to the root of a problem. A business should not have to conduct in-house investigations of issues or do repeated follow-ups to prevent a recurrence.

Surprising Upcharges  

IT companies charge for their services in very different ways. If you’re looking to budget for IT support adequately, it’s essential to contract with a company committed to consistent and transparent billing. Some I.T. companies charge a flat fee so that you can anticipate your I.T. support needs month after month. Ideally, there are no “extras” – and hence no surprises.

Lack of Support  

Some smaller I.T. companies may offer limited support options, such as only regular business hours. This approach’s problem is that many of today’s businesses operate after hours and need assistance that reflects this commitment. In other cases, crucial maintenance and repairs must be done during non-working hours to avoid disruption. Be sure to ask what level of support is provided before signing a contract with any I.T. provider.

 Unrecoverable Data 

Your Data is the heart of your business. If you’ve been involved in a situation where data was irretrievably lost under the supervision of an I.T. provider, it may be time to look elsewhere. Perhaps the most critical aspects of any support plan are effective backup and data recovery procedures. If your I.T. partner doesn’t have an adequate backup and quick recovery plan in place in the event of data loss, this is a significant red flag. To assess this possibility, ask your provider specific questions about procedures, remote access options, and the anticipated timelines for implementing a disaster recovery plan.


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