It may cost you less – which is a big benefit – but it’s more about using resources to foster growth and innovation.

Yikes, did somebody just mention the “O-Word”? If there’s something that seems to suffer from heaps of misunderstanding, it’s outsourcing. It usually gets a grumble from those who have yet to use outsourcing for their business, and a few who have with less-than-stellar results.

Outsourcing is a successful and cost-effective way to regain resources spent on accomplishing things which are not a core competency. These activities are entrusted to professionals that do a better job at it while allowing your team to focus on growth and innovation. Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain when you outsource IT services and turn this over to a managed services organization.

Predictable expenses

IT costs usually fall into one of two expensive pots. It’s either a capital expense or it’s related to labor. Outsourcing to a managed IT services organization can transform many capital expenses into smaller operational expenses.

Look for a managed IT services provider who offers a flat fee. Your investment becomes predictable, with no hidden surprises. Think about it. Keeping your organization’s IT operations running smoothly is in their best interests because there are no additional charges for problems. These types of IT managed services providers are proactive and offer the optimal return on your outsourcing investment.

The increasing cost of a full-time IT staff has accelerated as the pool of qualified candidates shrinks. Unless you actually are a company offering IT services, this is not a core competency. Wouldn’t you rather focus your human resources on creating the products and services your company is known for? Outsourcing allows you to do this.

Experienced or qualified?

Nobody argues that certifications are important for IT professionals. They’re badges of training, offering assurance that individuals are qualified to do the job. But training, qualification, and certification are all not the same thing as experience.

Outsourced managed IT services offer you the peace of mind that the professionals dedicated to your organization are ready and able to act and resolve any IT-related issues that arise. Keeping IT resources running smoothly is their sole focus. Problem-solving isn’t something they’ve merely read about and trained for – it’s an everyday practice.

Stepping up to innovation

Technology isn’t making IT easier because your company’s needs have grown tremendously and will continue to do so. The only way you’ll remain competitive and efficient is to keep the focus on your core competencies. Does that include maintaining in-house IT services?

New technology offers you the ability to innovate and grow your business, but often this new technology comes with a steep learning curve and requires staffing to implement and maintain it. You can reduce the time and increase the amount of innovation by partnering with an outsourced managed IT services provider. They’ll take care of the technology, allowing your employees to take care of what’s necessary to innovate.

Security and reduced risk

The bad news about breaches and stolen personal data just keep coming. Unless you’re in the cybersecurity business, protecting your IT network is not a core competency. On the other hand, risk-avoidance is baked into the operations of an outsourced managed IT services provider.

These organizations have to be on the cutting edge of security, which means they’re also going to be your best partner to help you navigate the increasing security and compliance requirements coming everyone’s way as a result of hackers and cybercrime.

Changing the rules for competition

How does small business level the playing field and compete with an enterprise? It gets back to outsourcing, and it’s so effective that even enterprise companies have embraced this practice. You can’t afford in-house IT support if you’re a small business. Spending to support this resource impacts the ability to offer the products and services your customers want. Investing in an outsourced IT management services provider keeps you focused on the growth activities that can be attached directly to revenue.

By partnering with an organization that only does IT, you gain expertise and efficiency. It will likely indeed cost you less, but it’s more about using resources to foster growth and innovation. It’s the best return on your investment.

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