While we manage networks for companies of different sizes and types, we find it is best to work with companies who need the services we specialize in. We choose very carefully what companies we partner with to manage their technology. Business owners who do not feel their network is a priority are not the companies we collaborate with.

We specialize exclusively in managing networks for businesses who need reliable networks.

What we mean by this is we do not work on networks for companies that are looking for a one hour here, one hour there break-fix situation. We learned long ago that a business network needs regular management and maintenance to keep it safe, protected and running smooth.

Our strength is that we recognize that every business network is unique and requires a thorough plan to optimize it for the company. We get to know you, your business, what keeps you up at night when it comes to technology, and we put together a plan to make everything run smoothly and put your mind at ease.

Here are some of the goals with NCP as your I.T. Partner we can help you achieve:

  • Less employee complaints about systems not functioning correctly.

  • More secure network that protects your data and your company.

  • Increased productivity by using the right technology to your advantage

We can provide a customized quote to manage your network – after an assessment

Many I.T. providers will give you a quote after talking with you for a bit. This means you are just a square peg in a square hole for them. They do not want to get to know about you and your business and they might not be able to put together the right plan to move you forward and solve your problems.

We do not take on new networks without gaining a full sense of what they have, what issues they are experiencing and where they want to go.

Let’s start with a simple phone call, this gives us both a chance to see if there is synergy. If the call goes well we can then setup a time for me to come out, get to know more about your company, and find out how we can best help you. We will look at your network and get an understanding of your vision for your company.

We will then provide you a quote to manage your network, start to finish. We will not hound you, nor do we use high-pressure sales tactics. We find it best if you see all of the benefits we offer and we both feel we work well together.

So, lets get the first phone call out of the way and see where this goes. Just pick a time below.