Business Continuity

It’s estimated that 3 in 4 companies that lose 50 percent or more of their data are out of business within months. Downtime costs your business money. We’ll help you develop a proactive strategy for business continuity so you don’t become another statistic. We know how to create and implement disaster recovery plans for data loss as well as natural disasters. We also proactively protect all of your data with on-premise and offsite backups.

We Protect Your Data

Microsoft 365

We are a Certified Microsoft Partner, Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Provider. It’s a mouthful of a title, but all it means is that we’re authorized to migrate you to Microsoft’s cloud-based suite of unmatched productivity tools. We dig up the right Microsoft 365 solutions and you dig up the savings. But we don’t just take you to the cloud—we’re you’re Watchdog®, providing ongoing Office 365 management services. Best of all? There’s no extra charge for this service.

We Help You Understand the Cloud

Wireless Business Networks

We design, install, and manage wireless business networks. No matter your industry or building structure, we give your team the freedom to move around while remaining fully connected so they can access the tools and resources they need to remain productive no matter where they are. The world is mobile. Our Watchdog® service assures that you stay safe, protected, and productive inside your wireless business network.

We help you move around

Anti-Virus & Malware Protection

It’s not if... it’s when. Cyber security is an integral component of all IT programs and our Watchdog® service is your vigilant first line of defense. Optimal protection starts with properly maintained networks. Our team is prepared—and constantly upgrading those preparations—to protect your business network from the growing threat of cyber attacks. From ransomware attacks that can hold your business hostage to Trojan horses that quietly steal your data, we keep you protected from a range of threats. And depending on your industry, we’ll also help keep your business compliant with cybersecurity standards while we do it.

We Keep you Safe

Email Security

You know spam as the annoying, useless emails that clutter your inbox. But spam has also become a Trojan horse for cyber criminals and hackers. Clients who migrate to Office 365 can rely on the cloud platform’s airtight email security features. Clients who use on-premise solutions are still protected by our Watchdog® email manager. Watchdog® filters email messages up in the cloud before they ever reach your employees’ inboxes. We use multiple antivirus, antispam, and other detection engines to inspect and verify all email messages prior to their arrival on your server.

We keep your inbox clean

Mobile Devices

You already know the benefit of letting your employees use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices on the job. But the era of BYOD (bring-your-own-devices) means there’s an extra need for security and IT management. Relax. Watchdog® will connect all these devices to ensure your team stays productive, responsive to customers, and connected to the rest of the team whether they’re in or out of the office.

We make you accessible

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