Business Continuity

Do you know what tech downtime costs your business? Business Continuity is one of the most critical issues a business faces. The longer your business operations are down- the more money and time you waste, and the greater the risk of your doors closing. Most small to medium size businesses can’t survive extensive downtime. In fact, last year 3 of 4 businesses that lost 50% of their data closed their doors within months of the disaster! A proactive strategy for business continuity ensures that you won’t become just another failed business statistic after a business interruption. Your team at NCP creates a disaster recovery plan that ensures your critical business functions can operate business-as-usual after data loss or natural disaster. We backup your data both on-premise, and off-site in a cloud environment.

We Protect Your Data

Microsoft 365

We are proud to be a Microsoft Partner Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Provider.
We have the ability to help you move forward and benefit from Microsoft's cloud. Our watchdogs sniff out what is best for you business, and help you dig up savings on the applications you use.

The Pros have the knowledge to Design, Plan and Execute your move to Microsoft's cloud. Once on the cloud we provide ongoing Office 365 management services.
Does it cost you extra for the Pros to manage it? Nope, it’s included in our Watchdog management package.

We Help You Understand The Cloud 


Network Computer Pros designs, installs and manages wireless business networks. Whether it be for a basic office, a warehouse or a hotel we have the know how to make it work correctly. We give your team or your guest the freedom to move around while remaining fully connected with customized wireless solutions. The world is mobile and with NCP watchdog service you can rest assure that your mobile world is safe and protected.

We Help You Move Around

Anti-Virus and Malware Prevention

One of the biggest risks to your company's productivity is the wide variety of cyber threats that can cause harm to your company... from malware to viruses, from worms to Trojans, and more. Once on your network they can do all sorts of damage, from simply slowing down systems, to data corruption, to data theft, ransomware and more. Having a secure and properly maintained network is critical to your business operations, and our team is uniquely trained to identify and protect networks of all sizes and risk categories. Network Computer Pros are experts at managing your antivirus and malware protection solutions.

We Keep You Safe

Email Security

Our WatchDog Email Manager System is a cloud based spam service that protects your company from cyber criminals, hackers and spam. WatchDog Email Manager filters your email messages in the cloud using multiple anti-virus, anti-spam and other detection engines. Nothing reaches your server until it has been inspected and verified as clean.This is included with our Watchdog management package. Let us implement our cloud spam service so your company's network will be protected from harmful, offensive and costly emails.

We Keep Your Inbox Clean

Mobile Devices

With the growing use of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices at work you need an IT provider that will help you benefit from this technology. Properly connected employees will enable the business to experience higher levels of productivity, improve customer relationships, and have the ability to stay connected in and out of the office. Being mobile means you are where your customers are... let Watchdog connect them, manage them and keep your business mobile.

We Make You Accessible